Welcome to ‘EMKAY COLLECTION’, a FREE ONLINE Teaching Aid / Educational Reference Website, designed to assist with important Knowledge for all ages, both children & adults, alike. It contains actual Photographs combined with appropriate and interesting Facts, from around the World. The site will also encompass digital Q & A options for all Schools / Colleges & Students.






About us.



Education History - Mervyn


Although spending much of my working life in Retail Management, most of my time was spent on associated professional Training of Adult workers into all aspects of Shop work, as a qualified ‘Retail Training Officer’.


For much of that time, I was a dedicated Senior Training Officer for a very well known Retail organisation, covering the whole of the South of England.


For a number of years, I taught both Literacy and Numeracy to teenagers and adults, who suffered very little or poor education as children.


My major hobby was photography, coupled with my enjoyment of travelling the World, so I have accumulated a very large collection of digital photographs, with many more to add to my collection, when time permits.


                                                          Website History.


Back in 2008 I launched ‘Emkay Collection’ originally & primarily, as an e-commerce site to sell Wildlife photographs purely as a hobby for me. It had the added bonus for viewers of providing a lot more information for each photograph, which was an easy reference tool. For example, it can easily identify scientific, family & order names, conservation status, location found and basic feeding requirements etc. The research that I painstakingly did was searching through numerous other websites, to get accurate facts to accompany every photograph. I have never, then or now, seen a website that was similar, one that any student could easily & quickly access the salient facts as visually attractive and that would support them in their studies.


Since the advent of the website, many more photographic websites were added online, all competing for sales and as time went on there were many ways of getting photographs through the internet which were free of charge. The addition of Social Media also made more very good photographs available to anyone who wanted them, mostly free for lower quality photos. I looked at my site, assessed the current market and decided to go down the Educational Reference Website route, as I was almost there anyway. As Janet, my partner, was a long serving school teacher, she found ‘Emkay Collection’ a very useful tool to assist the learning process in primary and secondary Education. She accessed it very regularly for different projects and subjects, with much success.


Shortly afterwards I was asked to add local Scenery pictures, which I was convinced might add to the versatility of the website, which I was very pleased to embrace. Since then, after travelling extensively throughout the World, my collection of Photographs of both Wildlife and Scenery increased greatly, equally with camera quality now improving, my photo quality was getting much better. The site currently has a wide variation of both recent photos and one’s taken back in 2003.


As the Website has grown, the usage for Education has increased with it. We are looking to add ‘Quiz packs’ etc,  in the future, available to schools and colleges, to test students on the wide content of  both World Wildlife and Scenery, very suitable to use in conjunction with ‘ Emkay Collection’ website, especially as the site increases further in size and depth.


Education History & Website expectations - Janet


My education area is based on over 50 years experience as a qualified teacher. We aim to produce worksheets that can be used with the website to answer the questions and to further research the chosen topic area. Our packs will be available for all ages and cover a wide range of work. There is a limited amount of free resources and samples available on request. This area of the website will continue to grow and it is aimed to be work that will continue to meet the requirements of both students and teachers.


We also aim to prepare worksheets and packs for use in the classroom as required. It is possible to contact us and ask us to prepare work on a given topic that is linked to the photographs on the website.


Some of our products will be free of charge, but the bigger packs will be purchased through a subscription option.


We welcome interaction from our account holders to contact us and forward ideas that we might be able to put into practice.




                                                             Information Accuracy


Our aim is to ensure that all information given is 100% accurate, so if you notice any errors, please "Contact us" so that they can be corrected, without delay. We would greatly appreciate your help in this matter as facts and information is continually changing.