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Welcome to our NEW Environmental Awareness Website 'OUR FRAGILE PLANET'  - https://www.ourfragileplanet.co.uk  (Link at bottom of Home Page). The Website is designed to highlight the major Environmental concerns that our fragile Planet is encountering on a daily basis. It is a central platform, designed to work in conjunction with our Social Media mouth-pieces which include 'Environmental Chatroom', both a Group and a Page on Facebook and 'Environment Chatroom' on Twitter. 'OUR FRAGILE PLANET' is a platform that passes on facts, reasons and current action, by experts in their field, bringing together useful Awareness Information to Educate us all on the various problems and what we can do to help to prevent the worsening of Environmental degredation. The website is also very proud to present a fantastic selection of Environmental Images, from the wonderful 'World about Us', which are available from the amazing website 'Emkay Collection'  -  www.emkaycollection.co.uk.  Please check it out and comment or show your support, preferably communicating with us on our Social Media public platforms, so that concerns can be discussed publically.



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