Sumatran Tiger

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'DID YOU KNOW THAT' the Sumatran Tiger is found only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and can be found inhabiting a variety of habitats from low and highland areas, to mountainous jungle and peat swamp forests. The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest species of tiger so it is is able to move through dense jungle with greater ease than it's larger cousins. The Sumatran Tiger male is only about 120 kilograms (or 265 pounds) and 243 centimetres (or around eight feet)  long from head to tail. The female is quite a bit smaller, at an average of 91 kilograms (equivalent to about 200 pounds) and 213 centimetres or seven feet long. The Sumatran Tiger is a dominant and carnivorous predator, hunting it's prey by stalking it until it has the opportunity to catch it off guard. Sumatran tigers primarily hunt larger mammals including deer, wild boar, cattle and goats.   (Emkay Image reference: - TM62)


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