3 Years 'Emkay' Statistics

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3 Years 'Emkay' Statistics -

Please celebrate with us the amazing progress since the re-launch exactly 3 years ago for the Educational Website - 'Emkay Collection'.   www.emkaycollection.co.uk         



Thank you very much for accessing my website, it is very much appreciated. Every visit is very important to me and the statistics are quite amazing. Since the website re-launch on August 5th 2016, it has had 11,543 users, 23,915 sessions, 82,691 page views, from 167 countries around the World.  Every country that has shown an interest in the website is identified in 'blue' on the World Map. It is also surprising; just how many schools around the World are tapping in to the Reference and Free Educational Sheet sections of the Website. Thankfully, I am getting much feedback, especially from facebook groups, which is helping to shape the future progress of the site. Please continue to use the website and we are adding many more photographs, with appropriate information and more FUN Educational Worksheets during 2019.


Last Year Comparisons: -

04/08/2018  -   8,811 users, 17,250 sessions, 57,751 page views, from 161 countries

04/08/2019  - 11,543 users, 23,915 sessions, 82,691 page views, from 166 countries  (Now 167 - 17/08/2019)

Difference -    plus 2,732 users,   plus 6,665 sessions,   plus 24,940 page views -  in only 1 Year


Thank you very much to the 10 Countries above who have been the most regular contributors to 'Emkay Collection' since the website re-launch in August 2016. We also appreciate all the other 157 Countries that have contributed to these wonderful Statistics.  We continue to appreciate your ongoing support. 




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