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The Image shows a 2015 night time, coastal view of the  misty skyline on Hong Kong Island. Hong Kong, an administrative region of the People's Republic of China, Asia, is situated at the mouth of the delta formed by the Xijiang (West), Beijiang (North), Dingjiang (East) and Zhujiang (Pearl) rivers as they enter the South China Sea. It has 260 islands and a long coastline of approximately 730 km (453.6 mile). The territory consists of around 1,104 square km. Hong Kong shares land borders with only one country, China.

On June 30th 1997, Hong Kong ended 99 years of British rule and reunited with China, but retained unique rights and privileges as a special administrative region.   


 ('Emkay' Image Reference -  HKNVNS16A)


Below is a 2015 view of the 'AQUA LUNA' - a red-sail junk boat, just setting off on a harbour cruise from Kowloon's, Victoria Harbourside, with a misty skyline on Hong Kong Island in the backround. 


('Emkay' Image Reference -  HKSJAHSTL18A)

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