African Elephant

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'DID YOU KNOW THAT' African Elephants were historically found south of the Sahara Desert to the southern tip of Africa, from the Atlantic (western) coast of Africa to the Indian Ocean in the east? Currently populations are found in increasingly fragmented habitat throughout the same range, often primarily in and near wildlife reserves and protected areas due to poaching and habitat destruction. The habitats occupied by African elephants vary because they can survive long periods of time without water; they occupy deserts, forests, savannas, river valleys and marshes. African elephants are the heaviest land animal at about 6 imperial tons (6,096 kg) in weight and the second tallest in the Animal Kingdom. They are a sexually dimorphic species; males appear larger than females. The height of a bull at his shoulder is about twelve feet (about 3.75 m), when the female’s height is nine feet (about 3 m). They have enormous ears, each measuring about four feet (120-125 cm) across. They have a unique nose that is simply a long, boneless trunk extending from the upper lip. The trunk usually measures about five feet long (about 150 cm) and weighs around 300 pounds (about 135 kg). Elephants eat vegetation like leaves, roots, bark, grasses and fruit. Each day they can consume anywhere from 220 to 660 pounds (100 to 300 kg) of food, and drink up to 50 gallons (190 Ltr) of water.    ('Emkay' Image reference: - EM5)


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I appreciate all in formation you provide worldwide, its a good education to all African Conservators.

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