Bottlenose Dolphins

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'DID YOU KNOW THAT' the Common Bottlenose Dolphin,  Bottle Nosed Dolphin or Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin are the most familiar dolphins due to the wide exposure that they receive in captivity in marine parks? Common Bottlenose Dolphins have a wide distribution and can be found in coastal and continental shelf waters in tropical and temperate zones. Found in most enclosed and semi enclosed seas, for example the Black Sea, Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, they also frequent river mouths, lagoons and shallow bays. The Common Bottlenose Dolphin is grey in colour and may be between 2 and 4 m (6.6 and 13.1 ft) long and weighs between 150 and 650 kg (330 and 1,430 lb). Males are generally larger and heavier than females. Their diet consist mainly of eels, squid, shrimp and wide variety of fishes. They do not chew their food, instead swallowing it whole.      'Emkay Collection' Image Reference:- DM80     -


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