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HDGSKMOD4C - Delft, South Holland

HDGSKMOD4C - Delft, South Holland

Image Code: HDGSKMOD4C
Category:Statues / Sculptures

A 2018 view of the statue of 'Hugo Grotius' who was a philosophic attorney and writer, born in Delft in 1583, who pushed the notion of international law in the early 17th century. The statue is situated in Market Square in the front of the 'Nieuwe Kerk'  Protestant Church in the city of Delft in the Netherlands.

Delft is a city and municipality in the province of South Holland, Netherlands. It is located between Rotterdam, to the southeast and The Hague, to the northwest. Once the seat of the royal House of Orange, the 15th-century 'Nieuwe Kerk' Church houses the family's tombs and overlooks Delft's lively market square. Delft is well known for the Delft pottery ceramic products which were styled on the imported Chinese porcelain of the 17th century. The city had an early start in this area since it was a home port of the Dutch East India Company.

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