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AB1 - Anhinga - Female

AB1 - Anhinga - Female

Image Code: AB1

The Anhingasometimes called Snakebird, Darter, American Darter, or Water Turkey, is a water bird of the warmer parts of the Americas. The word anhinga comes from the Brazilian Tupi language and means devil bird or snake bird. This species can be found mainly east of the Andes in South America and also the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. When swimming the origin of the name snakebird is apparent: only the coloured neck appears above water so the bird looks like a snake ready to strike. It is a large bird and measures approximately 89 cm (35 in) in length, with a 1.14 m (3.7 ft) wingspan and they weigh, on average around 1.22 kg (2.7 lb). In order to dive and search for underwater prey, including fish and amphibians, the Anhinga does not have waterproof feathers, so is often seen spreading its wings to dry them. Like other darters, the Anhinga hunts by spearing fishes and other small prey using its sharp, slender beak.

Scientific Name
Anhinga anhinga
Food Source
Conservation Status
Least Concern
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My review - This is an amazing photograph, it really shows the detail.

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