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BNSDCTSD3A - Bitung, North Sulawesi

BNSDCTSD3A - Bitung, North Sulawesi

Image Code: BNSDCTSD3A

A 2015  view of the Bitung, Sulawesi, Indonesia Cruse Port (Bitung Cruise Port), at Bitung, with its fine natural harbour, shelterd by the adjacent Island of Lembeh. Lembeh is the centre for shipbuilding and maintenance, as well as commercial fishing. Bitung is a city on the northern coast of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, South East Asia. It is in the province of North Sulawesi and faces Lembeh Island and the Lembeh Strait. Bitung is the main deep-water port of Northern Sulawesi, surrounded by a hidden tropical rainforest paradise. The Bitung region is famous for its spices, all around the city, vendors sell spices such as cloves, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger. Another popular souvenir is handcarved wood.

North Sulawesi is an Indonesian province on the island of Sulawesi, well known for its dive sites, nature parks and volcanic mountains. Sulawesi Island is one of three provinces in Indonesia, located on the Pacific Rim; the other two provinces being North Sumatra and the Aceh Special Region.

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Bitung, North Sulawesi
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